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Guido Thomasi (born 10.06.1966 in Hanover) lives and works as a successful photographer in Hanover. However, the road to this success was long:

Already at the age of 10 he discovered his passion for photography. At that time he had, as he himself says, "Just rumgeknipst." His motifs were then animals, plants and his family, which he photographed with a simple camera - a birthday gift from his mother.


In the meantime Guido concentrated on his second passion: the music. At the age of 13, he began to play drums, and a year later, together with other pupils, he founded a band. In the course of time he played in various bands, the most successful of which are "The Empty Promises" and "The Dikk-mannz" with which he performed in various TV and radio broadcasts. Likewise in newspapers such as BRAVO was reported on these bands.


The desire to become a successful photographer, however, has never forgotten Guido during this time. In 1992, during a holiday in Spain, he decided to make his dream come true: he started again to take pictures. At first, his fiancée was available to him as a model, but her jealousy of other female nude models led to the relationship finally breaking out. "I will not let anyone stop me!", Guido's comment. Now he concentrated on his work. He rented a photostudio, in which he could work independently. By the way, he often photographed models for a model agency.


In November '98, Guido traveled to Berlin, to the erotic fair VENUS, where he met some erotic stars, including Kelly Trump and Donna Vargas, whom he later also photographed. At the same time, he expanded his business contacts there.


A short time later a television production took place in Hameln. Guido - who was more and more specialized in nude photography - was filmed at his work. This time it was a fetish production, with the paint, leather and bondage in the foreground. The production, which lasted all day, was later cut into a five minute contribution for the erotic magazine "Wa (h) re Liebe" and broadcast on 29.01.1999 on VOX. This mission contributed enormously to Guido's popularity. There followed numerous TV productions where the TV stations, either via Guido Thomasi as an erotic photographer reported, or about the erotic bars, where Guido Thomasi was presented as a house and court photographer. To date, the reports are on TV.


Now, Guido was almost overwhelmed with new applications and offers almost every day. Among them was the invitation to another erotic fair in Lichtenfels (26-28.02.1999), which was very successful for Guido again. Once again he met the stars of the erotic industry. He had already met some of them from Berlin; Dru Berrymore, Chantal Chevalier, Madalina Ray, Cindy Carrera and Helen Duval. Many of them, of course, would like to be photographed by him. Guido enjoyed his popularity and smiled, "I did not know that I am so well known in Bavaria - especially since I've never been here!"



On his website www.guidothomasi.de you can see excerpts of his works as well as the different styles. Since his first television appearance, Guido has appeared in twenty other television broadcasts, including RTL 2, Sat 1, PRO 7, etc.

In November 2000, the highlight of his career: Guido is awarded the Venus Award in Berlin as the best photographer. Until 2004 Guido continued to work as a successful artist.


In 2004, Guido married and moved, with his wife at that time, to Gdansk (Poland). Once again, the jealousy of his partner became a disaster. Guido then lived only as a husband and stepfather and became increasingly dissatisfied. He wanted to continue his artistic work and separated from his wife in October 2006 and returned to Germany.


At first it was difficult to follow the old successes after such a long break. Guido, however, did not let himself be misled by this and continued to pursue his goals - with success. From year to year his popularity grew and the quality of his work eventually prevailed. He appeared again in TV shows, several times his work was published in various magazines (including PENTHOUSE) and various illustrated books; His pictures appear thanks to an international picture agency worldwide, sometimes in the USA.


Today, Guido has successfully passed the difficult times, and has also received an entry in Wikipedia. Guido is currently concentrating mainly on his picture books, two own picture books are already on the market (Death Place Erotic and Pussyworld) which can be ordered both with Horgenbooks.

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